Professional Boards
for Positive Change

100% of Proceeds

donated for the families affected by the devastating Maui Fires.

Each board is up for the highest bid.
Place yours and compete until the time is out.

Organized by professional surfers, Ian Gentil and Seth Moniz.

Creating waves of positive change in deserving communities through sales of collectible surfboards.

In August 2023, tragedy hit the island of Maui when lives, homes, and jobs were lost due to fires that took the historical Lahaina town and parts of Kula. Words cannot describe the devastation that the people of Maui are still suffering today. Hawaiian surfers, Ian and Seth, organized this auction to help raise money for the Maui families who lost their homes and livelihoods. Several legendary surfers have donated boards to help Maui and its people. 





How it Works

 When you place a bid on a board, you are competing with other bidders until the time runs out. Your payment for the board will only go through if you are the highest bidder at the end of the bidding window. All the money you spend on your new board (aside from shipping and processing fees) will be donated and your new collectible board will be packaged courteous of shapers like KT Surfing of Haiku, Maui and shipped to your address. 



Thank you to the following surfers for providing these boards for auction:

Seth Moniz
Ian Gentil
Kelly Slater
Stephanie Gilmore
Jack Robinson
Filipe Toledo
Kai Lenny
Josh Moniz
Barron Mamiya
Yago Dora
Brisa Hennessy
Tatiana Weston-Webb
Caitlin Simmers

Liam O’Brien

Griffin Colapinto
Matthew McGillivary
Eli Hanneman
Imaikalani deVault

Donations and Proceeds

100% of proceeds raised through our site will go directly to non-profit, Maui Pono Foundation. The Maui Pono Foundation is a grassroots organization made up of long-time Maui residents that are helping their neighbors, friends, and community with hands-on support during this difficult time. They are focused on providing assistance in these weeks following the fires as well as committed to providing long-term support to local businesses and rebuilding of the island. Their mission is to ensure that no one affected by the Maui Fire will be left to fend for themselves. We are proud in choosing Maui Pono Foundation as a local volunteer-run organization with transparent goals and less than 10% overhead costs.

Board Donations

If you’re a professional or have a pro board, get in touch with us via our instagram, @boardsformaui, if you would like to donate your board to raise funds. If you’re not a pro but have a board you’d like to give, we recommend getting in touch with our friends at who connect pre-loved boards directly to deserving youth on Maui.